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The Taxation And Revenue Department (Department) was created under the Executive Reorganization Act of 1977 (Laws of 1977, Chapter 249, Section 9-11-4, NMSA 1978) to act as New Mexico’s principal agency for tax collections and administration.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, the Department collected a total of $6.8 billion dollars in taxes. Of which, the Combined Reporting System (CRS) collected gross receipts, withholding and compensating taxes of $4.4 billion dollars or 65% of total collections. Mineral extraction taxes collected were $1.2 billion dollars or 18% of total collections. Income taxes collected were $663 million or 10% of total collections. Motor vehicle taxes and fees collected were $318 million or 5% of total taxes collections. Other taxes collected were $219 million or 2% of total collections.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, the Department distributed a total of $6.8 billion dollars in taxes. Of which, $4.4 billion or 65% of taxes collected was distributed to the State of New Mexico’s General Fund. $1.2 billion or 18% of taxes collected was distributed to local governments. $400 million or 6% of taxes collected was distributed to the New Mexico Department of Transportation and $800 million or 12% was distributed to other state agencies.

The Department uses the following funds to account for the collection and distribution of taxes:

  • CRS Suspense Funds (Funds 70700 and 83200) – used for the taxes reported through the Combined Reporting System (CRS), which reports gross receipts taxes, compensating taxes and withholding taxes.
  • Personal Income Tax Funds (Funds 23600, 64200, 81900 and 82900) – used for reporting personal income taxes.
  • Corporate Income Tax (Fund 279) – used for reporting corporate income taxes, franchise taxes and past-through entity annual withholding taxes.
  • TAA Suspense and Other Funds (Funds 68100, 68200, 68300, 68400, 70900, 82800, 83000 and 83100) – used for reporting gasoline taxes, special fuel taxes, alternative fuel taxes, petroleum products loading fees, water conservation fees, liquor taxes, cigarette taxes, tobacco products taxes, gaming taxes, fiduciary taxes, estate taxes, railroad car taxes, worker’s compensation fees, 911 emergency surcharges, telecommunications relay service surcharges and delinquent property taxes. 
  • Oil and Gas Funds (Funds 23700, 23800, 23900, 71300, 71400, 71500 and 83300) – used for reporting taxes relating primarily to oil and gas, natural gas and other natural resources.

The Revenue information has been updated as of November 8, 2018 and reflects revenue balances by agency as of September 30, 2018. Revenue data is posted to the portal monthly for the last closed month. A month cannot be closed until all pertinent payroll balances for that month are posted in SHARE. Since payroll periods can span multiple months, a specific month is typically not closed until three to five weeks after the actual end of the month. The delay is necessary for agencies to post, verify, and if necessary correct their accounting entries. This will ensure the data presented on the portal will not change once it is posted (except for extenuating circumstances).

Please note that the data contained on this website is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data and therefore will not agree to any audited or printed financial statements. The Revenue Details page displays data that is routinely updated, at a minimum on a monthly basis, and represents the most-recent update.

By law, under the Inspection of Public Records Act, every person has the right to inspect public records of the State of New Mexico. The act also makes compliance with requests to inspect public records an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of the State of New Mexico. This website does not contain information that is considered private or protected by state or federal law. While all of the information contained on this site is an open record, there may be additional public records available regarding this data. Additional records can be obtained by making a public records request to the appropriate records custodian(s) in the agency that possesses the documents in accordance with the law.

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