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The Purchases Details pages provide information about state purchase orders (PO).  POs are the final financial document prepared when the State buys goods or services.  The POs may relate to contracts entered into by the State with vendors for good or services as well as contracts that are executed for professional services, materials, and price agreements.  The information provided can be viewed by agency, expenditure category, or vendor.  The actual PO will provide you with the source of the transactions, such as a contract or price agreement.  When the PO is generated, a department or agency may have encumbered (obligated) amounts payable to a vendor for the goods or services.  If this is the case, then the PO will provide information on the amount encumbered, the amount of the current transaction, and the amount available for future transactions with the vendor.  The State chose to report POs because they are the most accurate source for obtaining information on transactions, especially contracts, between the State and a vendor. 

The State of New Mexico does have a contracts database that is administered by the New Mexico General Services Department however, this site is tied to the information contained in the Purchases Details pages.  In addition, this database only contains contracts having a value of more than $20,000 entered into pursuant to the State Procurement Code.  The database is updated at the end of each fiscal year, whereas, the Purchases Details pages are updated monthly from SHARE. 

Purchases made using a procurement card are included in the amounts reported on this site. The vendor name associated with these payments is the banking institution which maintains the procurement card accounts and not the actual name of the business where the purchase was made. These payments will be displayed using vendor name FIA Card Services NA. 

As you browse the Purchases Details pages, you will be able to view PO information extracted from New Mexico financial system Statewide Human Resources, Accounting, and Management Reporting System (SHARE).  The user can use the drill-down capability of this site by selecting the branch of government or all vendors. After selecting the branch (e.g. executive) you can drill down to the next organizational level (e.g. expenditure category or vendor). 


Departments and Agencies – Describes each of the governmental units such as the State of New Mexico, a higher education institution, or other political subdivision that are required by statute to participate in the transparency initiative. At this time, only the State of New Mexico data is included on SunshinePortal.com. 

Organization – Defines the manner in which a department or agency is organized functionally, starting at the top level and drilling down to lower levels.  Each department or agency defines its own organizational structure. For example, for the State of New Mexico organization, the highest level of organization is represented by its departments and agencies. The second level of organization is represented by the expenditure category, and the third level is represented by the vendor. 

Purchase Order – A document approved by the Department of Finance and Administration and issued by the State to a vendor indicating type, quantity and agreed price for products or services the vendor will provide to the State.  When the State sends a PO to a vendor, this constitutes a legal offer to buy products or services.  When the vendor accepts the PO, this process creates a formation of a contract between the State and the vendor.  Accordingly, a contract legally exists when the PO is accepted. 

Contract – A legal and binding agreement, established in accordance with applicable state procurement laws, between two or more competent parties, for a consideration for the procurement of equipment, supplies, and/or services.


The Purchases information has been updated as of November 8, 2018 and reflects purchase order balances as of October 31, 2018.Due to agency activity, balances in SHARE can change until the month is closed. Subsequent purchasing activity posted in SHARE after the data is generated will not appear on the portal until the following month, regardless of when the activity is dated.

Please note that the data contained on this website is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data and therefore will not agree to any audited or printed financial statements. This website contains detail transactions which are uploaded to the website monthly. Since data is uploaded during the year, these transactions will not be audited. During the year, more and more transactions will be loaded to the website, including correcting entries which may reverse or change the effect of previous entries. The original entry is not modified on the website but both the original and subsequent correcting entry will be included.

As of October 2010, only State of New Mexico government data is included on this website. Information contained on this site is extracted from SHARE (Statewide Human Resources, Accounting, and Management Reporting System). Information from organizations not utilizing SHARE is not available on this site, including some authorities, councils, commissions, boards, the universities, and the State Fair.

By law, under the Inspection of Public Records Act, every person has the right to inspect public records of the State of New Mexico. The act also makes compliance with requests to inspect public records an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of the State of New Mexico. This website does not contain information that is considered private or protected by state or federal law. While all of the information contained on this site is an open record, there may be additional public records available regarding this data. Additional records can be obtained by making a public records request to the appropriate records custodian(s) in the agency that possesses the documents in accordance with the law.

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